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Our Mission

North Coast Defense Academy provides quality instruction to individuals, groups, and organizations. Our goal is to empower individuals through self-awareness and practical educational courses.

About Us

Founded in January 2011, North Coast Defense Academy provides comprehensive training and education with a focus on personal protection strategies. Our practical and informative courses are designed with the average consumer in mind. From our firearm safety courses to Refuse to Be a Victim©, we have a course for everyone. We have a diverse group of instructors who are military veterans, law enforcement, and professional educators from all walks of life. We offer insight and resources to our customers directly and through our network of partners. Our courses are developed so that anyone, at all skill levels can improve their knowledge of marksmanship and personal safety.  Participants attend classes in a safe and comfortable atmosphere at North Coast Defense Academy. We also conduct offsite classes at your location. We offer customized training to youth, women only, and senior citizens. We can also customize one on one training sessions and provide individual coaching.

Our Focus/ Philosophy

The preparation and concentration that comes with Present-Mindedness can help you considerably during a life or death situation, closing the gap between your reaction and the outcome.

Our courses are taught by a diverse group of instructors who are former and retired military, professional security specialists, and law enforcement officers.  We offer a variety of courses taught by instructors that are committed to excellence. Our goal is to insure that YOU develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to defend yourself when the time comes.

Larry Pope

Larry is the President and founder of North Coast Defense Academy and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of firearms and advocating for the individual’s right to protect himself or herself. Larry honorably served in United States Marine Corps and Reserves.  He served in a number of billets to include logistics, infantry, and communications. He qualified as an expert rifle marksman. Larry is active in the community and has served on several boards of directors for several non-profit organizations in northeast Ohio. Larry obtained his Master of Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management (Executive Program) and undergraduate degree in Business Management from Ursuline College.

Our Instructors are the foundation of the organization. With Certified instructors in several states,  we offer our students a quality educational experience in a non-threatening setting. Our goal is to empower the individual. Customer service and quality training at an affordable price.


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