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LadiesNightNorth Coast Defense Academy empowers individuals through defensive education and training. Everyone has the responsibility to protect themselves, their loved ones and their homes. Our courses provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to improve their safety and well-being.

Our Personal Protection Strategies courses teach individuals about the psychology of criminal predators. In the first of three modules, students learn about the characteristics of violent offenders, including the methods they use to select their victims. Awareness training, choice speech skills, and physical tactics will be introduced in this module. Along with the psycho-emotional aspects of self-defense, we also cover superior targeting strategies and disengaging from the attacker. The second module covers the strategies necessary to deal with attacks from behind. Students learn effective tools, targets and tactics for surviving an attack that knocks them to the ground. The technology of intuition and the psychology of intimidation will be discussed. Common physical attacks will be addressed using modern personal protection technology (shoes, rings, purses, jackets, MACE Brand Pepper Spray, TASER CEW, etc.). Scenario analysis and creating an effective strategy will play an integral part in every aspect of this module. The third module goes in-depth into the psychology of violent offenders. Students will learn how to identify threats utilizing the same violent offender profiling techniques employed by law enforcement agencies and investigative firms. This module will cover effectively defending against an armed assailant by dealing with intimidation factors, studies and observations of armed attacks, and The Stop 6 principle. Overcoming “functional fixedness,” a cognitive bias about using an object solely for its intended use will be studied and implemented. Each student will be offered the opportunity to deploy one of the aforementioned technologies as well as physical tools and tactics against a padded assailant.

The North Coast Defense Academy Personal Protection Strategies programs have been taught to the Student Women’s Association at Cleveland State University, the Community Partnership on Aging in South Euclid and Mayfield Heights, and residents of North Ridgeville. Additionally, we participated in the Cleveland Clinic Foundation’s Safety Fair and the WKYC TV Health & Wellness Expo.

North Coast Defense Academy partners with CCF’s Police Department during their Streetwise: Community Safety & Awareness program.

Our Personal Protection Strategies is NOT a kick-n-punch self-defense seminar. We understand that there are physical limitations that may preclude people from attending, so our program shows participants what they can already do to improve their safety and well-being.

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